Pro Stats For Amateur Teams

The Inspiration

As a high school coach, I wanted the players in our program to feel like they were a part of something special– something BIG TIME. Therefore, we tried to do things that were usually reserved for college or NBA players. For example, at the start of each off season we held an NBA combine. We measured our players' wingspan, verticals, lane agility, ¾ court sprint– the whole 9 yards. In the months to follow, we did a jump program designed by an NBA trainer (Alan Stein’s Elite Jump Training 2.0. HIGHLY recommended). Once we completed the 2 month program, we re-tested their measurables so that they could see the improvements. Our players always looked forward to this time of the year. They worked hard and made some huge gains!

When you're trying to bring the big time to your high school program, one of the issues is that you most likely don’t have BIG TIME resources. So you have to get creative. You probably cannot afford a whirlpool or a cryogenic chamber, but if you want to use ice baths for recovery, a horse trough from the local farm and feed store can do the trick. Whatever it takes to give your players an unforgettable high school basketball experience!

Alright, so you may be wondering what in the heck any of this has to do with B-JAM and advanced analytics? Well, my mission with B-JAM is the exact same mission I had coaching-– bring the big time to high school basketball. In the past, only college and NBA teams have had access to this data. Not anymore! With your help, we can bring the BIG TIME to your program and other high school teams around the country.