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Advanced statistics, or “smart stats”, are not new to high school basketball teams. Coaches and players have had access to their team’s smart stats for over a decade. However, the problem is... they could only see their own team's smart stats, not other teams'. And while everyone knows what a good free throw percentage is, few know what a good offensive rebounding percentage is. Without a frame of reference, many high school coaches ignored smart stats altogether. The coaches who did use their smart stats, were left guessing about their teams' efficiency, comparing the team to years past(if that data was even available). The problem was obvious, there was no direct comparison for advanced stats among other high school teams. Until now.

Courtesy of B-Jam, teams now have an apples to apples comparison to help determine their teams' strengths and weaknesses. B-Jam is a first of its kind, advanced analysis of high school basketball. Not only does B-Jam provide analysis of high school teams, but we also compare states to one another. Not to mention, we compare teams who play with a shot clock vs. teams who do not, providing intriguing analysis for the great shot clock debate. So whether you're looking to see how your team stacks up to the competition or you're here to see some trends in high school basketball, we hope you learn something insightful along the way.

2022 Maine Boys Basketball Rankings

Statistics updated through December 04, 2022
Rk Team St W L W% Pace PPP Margin O PPP D PPP eFG% TO% oReb% AstRt TS% Chrg